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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Sep 20, 2019


Backcountry Gear Challenge: fit 10 days worth of gear into 55 pounds

Top-of-the-list item: Tag/Hunting license!

• Sleep systems: Sleeping bag, pad, & tent

• Backpacks: Types and recommendations

• Raingear: Jackets & pants, pack covers, drybags for camera & electronics

• Clothing & footwear: From skin...

Sep 13, 2019


• Intro: Remington's M700, episode recording, guest Carlos Martinez, 

• Listener questions & comments

• Remington's Custom Shop (also covers Marlin & Dakota)

• Why the Model 700 has such accuracy potential

• How the Custom Shop maximizes performance

• How you can order any configuration you...

Sep 6, 2019


• Hearing protection: Loss-incurring damage never heals. Protecting hearing is paramount. 

• The dangerous game conundrum (gotta be able to hear) and TETRA Hunt's superb solution

• TETRA's tuned-frequency hearing enhancement/protection, and dedicated profiles for elk, turkey, geese, waterfowl, and the...

Aug 30, 2019


• New Zealand: The Shangri La of modern backcountry hunting

• Bag limits? What bag limits? 

• Gnarly, steep, challenging, beautiful country

• What island to hunt, and how to find and access a good spot

• Game types, habitat, and taxonomy, and how to hunt them

• Logistics of traveling to New...

Aug 23, 2019


• From Tradition to Technology: Picking a muzzleloader for backcountry hunting

• Exploding boundaries

• From the beginning: Traditional muzzleloaders, common inline muzzleloaders, and uncommonly accurate long-range muzzleloaders

• Traditional muzzleloaders: Why to hunt with them, and how to get the...