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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

May 27, 2020


• Migration to Idaho

• Draw tags and lucky hunters

• Q&A on a vast spectrum of backcountry hunting topics:

  1. .375 H&H for black bears
  2. Terminal Ascent vs. ELD-X bullets
  3. Best barrel mfgs for custom rifle builds
  4. Configurable stocks for backcountry rifles
  5. Stetson's crushable Crosstrail hat
  6. Bullet questions...

May 12, 2020


  • Late November, extreme cold, a foot and a half of snow, and pitch dark in Montana's Bitterroot is a bad time to be lost...
  • Observation, experience, and a sense of direction
  • Paper topographical maps and compass
  • GPS and backcountry communication devices
  • Smartphones and map programs
  • Strengths and weaknesses of...

May 1, 2020


Guest: Robby Denning, mule deer hunting savant

Book: Hunting Big Mule Deer: How to take the biggest buck of your life

• Why mule deer hunting is so compelling that Denning abandoned all other game in order to focus on mule deer

• Ultimate Challenge: DIY, public-land mule deer

• The behavioral...