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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Sep 28, 2020


Intro: Solo in Alaska

  • Packing for the flight
  • Down safe, camp setup
  • Grizzly bears a'plenty! 
  • Caribou few and far away
  • One lone big bull
  • Hunting, photographing, and field butchering
  • Packing meat
  • Near hypothermia
  • Hunkered down, waiting out the rain
  • An accuracy tech topic for future study

To be continued......

Sep 18, 2020


When elk get wise, savvy hunters employ unorthodox techniques. 

Guest Randsom Owens: Wildlife Artist extraordinaire, practical rifleman, top guide, & passionate hunter

Calling Elk: From fundamentals to advanced techniques

  • Reading the situation
  • Knowing when to call
  • Setting up to call—and optimize shot...

Sep 11, 2020


Intro: Live from the field, recorded standing under the wing of a Super Cub on a staging strip in Alaska. 


  • Drop-Camp, DIY hunter prep & planning
  • Lightweight gear
  • Planning for good meat care
  • Ethics & responsibilities of meat care
  • Knowing the Regs
  • Pilot protocol 
    • Don't bring too much weight
    • Don't...

Sep 4, 2020


Intro: Field recording heading into a solo DIY caribou hunt in Alaska. 

Topic: Rifling twist rate & modern bullets

  • Rifling twists for long, sleek high-BC bullets
  • Rifling twists for monometal bullets
  • Altitude, temperature, and spin stability

The modern trend: Faster, ever faster

Benefits of a custom barrel...