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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Oct 27, 2020


Intro: Bear-country scenario

Listener's requests: An episode on big-bores for backcountry hunting. 

In particular: 

  1. .338-06
  2. .35 Whelen
  3. 9.3x62 

Why would a backcountry hunter want such a cartridge? 

  1. More ammo in magazine
  2. Less recoil, faster follow-up shots
  3. Less expensive to reload
  4. Easy conversions of...

Oct 19, 2020


Intro: The excitement of taking a first buck! 

Sporadic podcast scheduling, and the hunts to blame. ;)

Questions, Answers, & Success Stories: 

  • Tough bullets for tough Nilgai
  • A matched pair of Weatherby Backcountry Ti's in .280 Ackley
  • Favorite .280 Ackley Improved bullets & loads
  • Hunting the Backcountry: An...

Oct 9, 2020


Intro: A day to hunt, & a big muzzleloader buck

Topic: The critical importance of intimate familiarity with your hunting area

A tale of 24 hours, a faithful old hunting area, & a Utah mule deer tag

Juxtaposition: Old areas vs. new

What to research & learn:

  1. Habitat
  2. Game populations
  3. Summer vs. autumn...

Oct 5, 2020


Intro: Potable water challenges

Rain, rain, & more rain

Gale-force winds

Unsuitable equipment: Down sleeping bag & 3-season tent

Equipment failures: Expect the unexpected

The solo mental game: Staying productive

Extraction & weather windows

Post-hunt logistics: Prepping & flying with meat & antlers