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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 29, 2021


Sometimes, hunting with a bow and arrows is simply the most effective way to go. And sometimes, it's absolutely the most enjoyable. 

Guest: Logan White, passionate bowhunter and Mathews Top 20 dealer for 10 years running. 


  • Trends and recent evolution among bowhunters
  • Arrows and increased...

Jan 22, 2021


Do your part to minimize predation on the West's suffering mule deer population—and have a great adventure—by hunting mountain lions. 

This episode is all about cougars, and how to hunt them. 

First, an answer to multiple listener questions after the recent episode on Browning's addition of the 6.8...

Jan 15, 2021


Meet the 6.8 Western: Browning's new high-performance, high-efficiency .270 magnum. 

  • This is the cartridge that host JvB used for a solo, drop-camp Alaska caribou hunt during September 2020. 
  • 1:7.5 rifling twist rate
  • Engineered for efficiency and consistency
  • True short-action magnum cartridge
  • Optimized for...

Jan 4, 2021


WELCOME to the 101st Episode!

As the title suggests, this fun discussion addresses two topics; big deer & compact gear. 

Must-read book: Ryan Hatfield's "Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer."

Glory Day Story: Doyle Mooseman and the 48," 8x8 buck. 

Big buck statistics: An entertaining (and eye-opening) look at your...