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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Aug 27, 2021



Scenario: A last-day opportunity on a shockingly big bull elk. With moments left of legal shooting light and every possible challenge aligned against you, can you hold it together and kill the bull? 


Guest: Duane "Buck" Buckner. A veteran of vast and extreme experience, Buck has spent decades studying the...

Aug 20, 2021



Intro: Great Elk Bullets: characteristics, types, makes, models, and more. 


ALERT: with this episode, the 3rd Limited Edition Northern Shrike backcountry hunting knife goes live. 


Q&A: .30-30 for bear, re-barreling to 6.8 Western, and more. 


Characteristics of a great elk bullet: 

  • Expansion...

Aug 13, 2021



Recorded in the field


Real-time updates and candid conversations throughout the hunt


Disappointment, challenges, renewed focus, and success on a great buck that will make the Longhunter Society record book! 


Analysis of what worked (and initially didn't)


Lessons learned and rewards earned



Aug 6, 2021



Intro: Opportunities in wide-open backcountry are often hard-earned. Set your rifle up to maximize your success. 


Q&A Section


Characteristics of an ultimate open-country hunting rifle: 

  • Must be accurate
  • Must be easy for the hunter to shoot well
  • Must be chambered for an authoritative cartridge
  • Must be...