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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Nov 26, 2021


Intro: Conservation and the challenges hunters face

Guests: DSC's Corey Mason & Brandon Boyles

Main topic: Conservation locally, nationally, and internationally. How hunters can help (with time, and by standing our ground politically).

  • Current state of affairs across America
  • Local challenges and potential...

Nov 19, 2021


Intro: On the road for Western Whitetails! 

Main Topic: Are there cases when rapid-expansion, shallow-penetrating bullets are best? 

  • The "Dump all the energy in the deer" theory
  • Slab-sided big game such as Mountain Goats
  • Extended-range shooting and low-velocity impacts
  • Coyotes, wolves, bullets, and fur...

Nov 12, 2021


Topic: Making steep-angle shots

Talking points: 

  • Why do steeply angled shots impact high? 
  • How steep is "steep?"
  • What's the traditional, non-calculator based method of compensating for steep angles? 
  • What are the issues with "horizontal distance" compensations for angle? 
  • Zero Range vs. Zero Angle ballistic...

Nov 5, 2021


Intro: Magnificently awful hunting mistakes

Q&A Section:

  • .338 Win Mag barrel length
  • .338 RUM vs. .338 EDGE
  • Short-barrel .338 accuracy

Regret No. 1: An old non-typical mule deer that haunts dreams

Regret No. 2: "Just" a five-by-five bull elk. 

High Country Hardware segment: Do suppressors increase muzzle...