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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Dec 31, 2021


Main Topic: Predator Cartridges & Bullets

"Up Front" Q&A section: 

  • Undergunned for Aoudad
  • "Recoil" is Right

Characteristics of a great coyote cartridge:

  1. Fast & Flat
  2. Accurate
  3. Tiny grenade-like terminal performance
  4. If fur collecting, minimal bullet hole damage
  5. If competition calling, coyote-walloping...

Dec 24, 2021


Intro: Second half of 2021 Kodiak Alaska audio journal. 

Hunters: Colton & Gary Heward, Austin Brown, Shawn Skipper, Andrew Smith, Brent Neidig, and Joseph von Benedikt.

Transporter: Travis Larson, Captain of the Venturess, and crew Susan, JJ, and Garrett of Alaska Premier Sportfishing

Audio Journal...

Dec 17, 2021


Main Topic: Recoil. How and why to master it and shoot authoritative cartridges accurately. 

150th Episode Giveaway! 

  • Custom Northern Shrike hunting knife
    • To enter, post your favorite episode on Instagram or Facebook, and tag the Backcountry Hunting Podcast. 


  • Barrel break-in, average velocities,...

Dec 10, 2021

Intro: On the boat, under way around Kodiak Island

  • Participants: Colton & Gary Heward, Brent Neidig, Shawn Skipper, Austin Brown, Andrew Smith, Travis, Susan, & JJ Larson, and Garrett Lambert. 
  • Plans: Hunt sitka blacktail deer & sea ducks, fish
  • Forecast: Troubled. Cold, wind, & snow
  • A lot of firsts: First bucks, first...

Dec 3, 2021


Intro: For all you hunters sniffing around the 6.8 Western, here's an in-depth look at the cartridge with A Man Who Knows: Browning's own Rafe Nielson. 

6.8 Western cartridge discussion:

  • Genesis of the 6.8 Western
  • Significant differences from the .270 WSM
  • Short shots & long shots with the 6.8 Western
  • Hunt...