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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Nov 15, 2019


• .30-06 & .270 at crunch time

• Revisiting the old argument: Which is better? 

• More to the point, how do you get the best out of each? 

Cartridge comparison:

  1. .30-06 is more versatile--and here's why
  2. .270 is more forgiving in some ways--and here's why
  3. Downsides of the .30-06
  4. Downsides of the .270

How to get the best out of the .30-06

  1. History: America's Warhorse
  2. Bullet choice
  3. Handloading for ultimate performance
  4. Matching hunting bullets to intended species
  5. Bringing the .30-06 up to modern performance

How to get the best out of the .270 Win. 

  1. History: O'Conner's favorite
  2. Find high-BC bullets
  3. Tune for accuracy
  4. Pick tough bullets for tough game
  5. Set your rifle up for ultimate performance

Excellent modern rifles chambered in .30-06 & .270

Browning X-Bolt Hells Canyon Speed

Kimber Montana

Weatherby Backcountry Ti

Spec OPS Brand Accu-Pack

Spartan Precision Bipods