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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 19, 2023

Browning knocked my socks off with two surprise introductions at SHOT 2023!

First is an X-Bolt chambered in .270 Winchester—with a fast rifling twist rate in the barrel! You can shoot all traditional .270 ammo in it, plus handloaders can use all the modern, heavy-for-caliber, high-BC bullets. It's terrific. 

Second is a whole line of X-Bolt rifles chambered in 7mm PRC. I thought Browning wouldn't come to market with a 7mm PRC until 2024. I was wrong—and how! Long barrels, medium barrels, short suppressor-ready barrels, various stocks and finishes... pick your poison. 

This 5-minute episode with Rifle Product Manager Aaron Cummins details the new lines. Check it out!