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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 15, 2021


Meet the 6.8 Western: Browning's new high-performance, high-efficiency .270 magnum. 

  • This is the cartridge that host JvB used for a solo, drop-camp Alaska caribou hunt during September 2020. 
  • 1:7.5 rifling twist rate
  • Engineered for efficiency and consistency
  • True short-action magnum cartridge
  • Optimized for heavy, high-BC bullets (165- & 175-grain factory loads from Browning & Winchester)

ALSO: Browning adds the .280 Ackley Improved cartridge to the X-Bolt rifle line. 

  • 1:8 rifling twist rate
  • Throated for long, high-BC bullets

Gear spotlight: Browning's new "Recoil Hawg" muzzle brake.

Scouting & Navigating segment: Shed hunting & reading the winter range. Sponsored by

Backcountry Bounty segment: Supplementing your Western big game hunt with dove shoots. Sponsored by

Backcountry Apprentice: Field-stripping and problem-solving your rifle in the backcountry. Sponsored by


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