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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

Back to the Dark Continent... This episode is raw and unedited, just as we recorded it beside a campfire along the Okavango river late one night, with lions roaring and elephants trumpeting in the background. 

On the second half of our fall 2023 safari with Kowas Adventure Safaris in Namibia, my daughter Audrey shot a wonderful old kudu bull and a gnarly-horned impala. Then Austin Brown and I broke out the big-bore dangerous game rifles to hunt cape buffalo. We tracked old bachelor bull groups through the days in heat up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, in ankle-deep sand, and shot three massive old bulls.  This episode is all about the stories, folks! 

The episode wraps up with a discussion of African conservation challenges and the future, including a hard, honest look at the cow elephant herds moving into the historic Caprivi Strip region and decimating the habitat. 

Experiences like this only happen once in a lifetime, and we hope you enjoy the stories... 


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