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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Sep 27, 2019


Making The Shot intro: After all your planning, prep, and hard hunting, everything comes down to one moment where you’ve got to succeed or fail in taking your quarry.

• Two real-life scenarios with heartbreaking consequences, and how they could have been avoided

• Correcting the mistakes before they occur: Pre-hunt shooting prep and in-the-moment decision-making

• Pre-hunt shooting prep: 5 practice steps to success

• In-the-moment decision-making: This one is harder. You can't practice, you can only conceptualize.

  1. Moving animals
  2. Shooting in desperation
  3. Fleeting opportunities at whopper bucks, bulls & rams


• 6.5 PRC: Is it an elk cartridge? Exit holes, blood trails, the “knock-down power” myth, and slowing big-bodied, tough bulls down.