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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 4, 2021


WELCOME to the 101st Episode!

As the title suggests, this fun discussion addresses two topics; big deer & compact gear. 

Must-read book: Ryan Hatfield's "Idaho's Greatest Mule Deer."

Glory Day Story: Doyle Mooseman and the 48," 8x8 buck. 

Big buck statistics: An entertaining (and eye-opening) look at your chances of shooting a monster mule deer (and how you can maximize your opportunities). 

Mule deer's current condition (as a whole), and how you can help: 

  • Bad winters, high predation, loss of winter range, ever-increasing hunter effectiveness (long-range gear), and other factors. 
  • Contribute by aggressively hunting coyotes. And if you've never hunted mountain lions, now is the time! 

Gear list discussion: 

  1. Rifle, scope, & ammo 
  2. Binocular/rangefinder
  3. Boots 
  4. Pack 
  5. Clothing 
  6. Raingear 
  7. Hunting knife
  8. Head lamp
  9. Fire-starting gear
  10. Maps/GPS/On-X Hunt app
  11. Sleeping bag
  12. Sleeping pad
  13. Tent 
  14. Emergency communication device. 
  15. LifeStraw & water filter pump 
  16. Mountaineering stove
  17. Battery packs and/or solar charger 
  18. Bipod
  19. Spotting scope & tripod/trekking poles

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