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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Dec 31, 2019


• Why hunt the backcountry with a lever action rifle? 

• Advantages & disadvantages of lever actions

• Types of lever actions

• Characteristics of lever actions

  1. Browning BLR: Modern, capable powerhouse
  2. Savage 99: Vintage but capable
  3. Winchester 95: Vintage powerhouse
  4. Winchester 86: Classic western big...

Dec 20, 2019


• Scenario: Running game vs. long shot? 

• Intro: Long-Range Hunting—an exploration of all the elements

• Listener questions & comments

Defining long-range hunting

The Ethical Argument against long-range hunting

A skill-based argument for long-range hunting

Potential issues with...

Dec 13, 2019


• 50th Episode gear giveaway results, LIVE!

• Adam Weatherby, and the superb new sub-5 pound Backcountry rifle

• How Wyoming has influenced Weatherby rifle design

• How Weatherby achieves sub-MOA accuracy in an ultralight rifle

• Action features and strength

• Barrel construction and quality


Dec 6, 2019


• New podcast email:

• Toby Boudreau: Biologist extraordinary of Alaska & Idaho

• Opportunities in the great state of Idaho

Mule deer: 

  1. Population health
  2. Where to find the biggest bucks
  3. Tag types and available opportunities
  4. Idaho's marvelous OTC permit


  1. Best...

Nov 29, 2019


• The Critical parts of a capable backcountry riflescope

  1. Quality (optical & construction)
  2. A balanced magnification range
  3. A good dial-up turret with zero stop type mechanism
  4. Sub 20-ounce weight

• Dialing vs. holding over: How to get the best out of both methods—plus a couple of hunting horror stories...