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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Apr 29, 2019


• Three different needs: Hunting, Guiding, & Defense

• Two primary species: Black bear & Grizzly/brown bear

• Firearms, cartridges, & bullets for each need & each species

• Black bears & the "deer cartridge myth"

• Bears & age: size, tenacity, physiology, and mentality

• Tony Russ's 16 points...

Apr 24, 2019


Company focus: Spartan Precision Equipment

Topic: Mountaineering-quality bipods & tripods 

Products: Javelin bipod, Spartan 300 bipod, Sentinel tripod, accessories

Driving influences: Mountain-climbing, ultralight backpacking, deep-country hunting, and a need for gear that never fails

People: Behind the...

Apr 20, 2019


• Listener questions

• Why hunt with a suppressor? Pros & Cons 

• Where is hunting with a suppressor legal? 

• Dangerous Game with a suppressor: Yes or No? 

• Appropriate types of suppressor for backcountry hunting

• How to get the best accuracy and performance out of a hunting suppressor


Apr 16, 2019

EPISODE NOTES: Interview with Team Bad Decision author Travis Greenwood his hunting partner Scott Daniels. Focuses on the inspiration that launched their backcountry hunting efforts years ago and shares wisdom they wish they'd had when starting. 

This podcast touches strongly on spot-and-stalk bear hunting. Guests share...

Apr 13, 2019

SHOW NOTES: Great bullets for elk are listed. Host Joseph von Benedikt goes into certain brands and types that work particularly well.

The broad spectrum of cartridges ranging from the various 6.5mms up through the .338s are addressed, each with one or more bullets recommended for elk. 

Heavy-for-caliber rapid-expansion...