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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

May 25, 2019


• Intro: Near-death experience while spring bear hunting

• NW Montana with Adam Weatherby, Kevin Wilkerson, and Justin and Shane of Limitless Outdoorz

• Trekking Poles: Not just sissy sticks

• Advantages of trekking poles, and types to look for

• Crampons: What they are and the spider skills they...

May 18, 2019


• Gear list by item & weight: 

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Leica camera & batteries       35 oz.

Handheld Midland radios       12 oz.

Lithium batteries  6 oz.

Podcast recorder          15 oz.

Swarovski spotting scope      51 oz.

Swarovski EL Range bino in Badlands harness  57 oz.

Spartan Javelin bipod    5...

May 13, 2019


• Wild Yukon with Greg McHale: Canada's new award-winning hunting TV show. 

• Building the team: How the unique three members of Wild Yukon came together and began producing arguably the most compelling footage currently on hunting TV. 

• Yukon Territory: Hunting opportunities and game species


May 8, 2019


• Skinning: where to make those cuts for the perfect rug or taxidermy

• Pulling paws: Finesse and a sharp knife, not brute strength

• Caping: Tips and tricks for a clean job

• Turning ears, noses, and such for the perfect face

• Fleshing: Ulu knives, improvised fleshing beams, and more


May 4, 2019


• Common backcountry shooting challenges

• Game types and differing requirements

• Accuracy needs

• One rifle suitable for anything

• Action types

• Stock types

• Corrosion-resistant finishes