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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Nov 29, 2019


• The Critical parts of a capable backcountry riflescope

  1. Quality (optical & construction)
  2. A balanced magnification range
  3. A good dial-up turret with zero stop type mechanism
  4. Sub 20-ounce weight

• Dialing vs. holding over: How to get the best out of both methods—plus a couple of hunting horror stories...

Nov 22, 2019


• Lex Webernick, America's master mountain-rifle builder

• Listener's questions and comments

• Customizing Remington 700 & Winchester M70 actions

• Sculpture-quality skeletonizing for ultralight action weight

• Premium barrels

• Recoil-taming, quiet(ish) muzzle brakes

• Building a 13-ounce...

Nov 15, 2019


• .30-06 & .270 at crunch time

• Revisiting the old argument: Which is better? 

• More to the point, how do you get the best out of each? 

Cartridge comparison:

  1. .30-06 is more versatile--and here's why
  2. .270 is more forgiving in some ways--and here's why
  3. Downsides of the .30-06
  4. Downsides of the...

Nov 9, 2019


Wild game meat should be incredibly good—not dry, gamey, and tough to eat. 

  • Field care for clean-tasting meat
  • "Ice Aging" meat for tenderness and mild flavor
  • Pre-cooking prep for roasts and steaks
  • Grilling techniques for the perfect steak or roast

Professional meat processors: A good way to get your wild...

Nov 1, 2019


Challenges of late-season elk hunting

  • Bulls are solitary and hard to find
  • Antlers are often broken
  • Extreme cold can be a major factor
  • Elk are pressured and spooky
  • Wintering grounds often present public/private land conflicts
  • Shooting in extreme cold is always difficult

Techniques that work: 

  • Glassing. How...