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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Feb 28, 2020


Garett Wales: Entrepreneur, Beer-brewer, Organic fast-food guru, and passionate backcountry hunter. 

  • Nosler man
  • Kryptek pro staffer
  • Life & Time restaraunteur
  • Wild Game chef

Roots of the clean-living, clean-eating passion

Motivation and fueling obsessions

Desert bighorn sheep hunting

Creating organic,...

Feb 14, 2020


• Issues with your feet and/or boots can ruin a hunt

• How to choose ideal boots for your foot type & terrain

• Foot health maintenance & pain management

• Injury prevention & treatment

• NEW SEGMENT: Backcountry Scouting & Navigating

• Questions & Answers:

  • Bear guns & bullets
  • Eyewear for...

Feb 7, 2020


• Scenario: You've got hunts ranging from coues deer to mountain grizzly and moose—and have to use just one rifle. What cartridge do you pick? 

• What trends show most folks pick

• SHOT Show trends and hot cartridges

• Comparison between the legendary .300 Win Mag and the trendy new .300 PRC