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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Aug 28, 2020


Intro: 6.5 outlawed for elk? 

Best 6.5mm cartridge: 6.5 Creedmoor vs. 6.5 PRC

Technical discussion: 

  • Advantages & disadvantages of the 6.5mm bore diameter
  • Cartridge case capacities
  • Appropriate bullet designs & weights for various game
  • Limitations of the 6.5mm's

Mythbusting: Scandinavian moose & and the...

Aug 22, 2020


Intro: An epic backpack failure deep in elk country

Tried and true designs that won't let you down

The three types of backpack: 

  • External Frame
  • Internal Frame
  • Hybrid/modular

Pros & Cons of each type

Recommended models in each type

Sizing & fitting 

Packing extreme weight


Aug 14, 2020


Scenario: You've got a desert bighorn tag that's taken you 20 years to draw, but your knee replacement just went south. It's three months until opening day. What do you do? 

Episode topic: Learning to hunt brand-new country and species

  • Prioritize species
  • Study that species
    • Where can you get a tag each year?...

Aug 7, 2020


This episode is a response to a listener's question: How do you develop extended-range lethality?

Guest: Gunwerks marketing guru and precision shooter Landon Michaels

Quarter-mile capability: must-accomplish accuracy for backcountry hunters 

600 yards is the new 400 yards. Here's why. 

Beyond 600 yards: A...