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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jun 22, 2019


• AlpenFuel founder talks inspiration

• Planning for various types of terrain and conditions

• Energy supplements

• Charting your body's needs over the hunts' duration

• Performance food

• Recovery food

• Indigestion, and how to avoid it

• Minimalist stoves and dehydrated meals

• COFFEE! Convenience meets great taste

• Overpacking, and how to avoid it


Best Backpacking Food of 2019 blog article

Mountain Tough Fitness calculator/program/app

AlpenFuel website

FBomb (fat bomb) foods

Peak Refuel freeze-dried meals

Greenbelly meals

Dark Timber Coffee Company

Tioga Rise Coffee

Heather's Choice

PROMO CODE: Use BACKCOUNTRY for 10% off at AlpenFuel!