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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Oct 27, 2020


Intro: Bear-country scenario

Listener's requests: An episode on big-bores for backcountry hunting. 

In particular: 

  1. .338-06
  2. .35 Whelen
  3. 9.3x62 

Why would a backcountry hunter want such a cartridge? 

  1. More ammo in magazine
  2. Less recoil, faster follow-up shots
  3. Less expensive to reload
  4. Easy conversions of typical standard-size actions
  5. Controlled-feed vs. push-feed


  • .338-06
    • Easy to created cases for
    • Scarce factory ammo
    • Huge selection of bullets for handloading
    • Most efficient aerodynamics
    • Flattest trajectory
    • Rifles not common
  • .35 Whelen
    • Classic, has a cult-like following
    • Biggest selection of factory ammo in USA
    • Properly headstamped cases readily available
    • Fair selection of bullets for handloading
    • Underestimated ballistics
    • Rifles relatively available 
  • 9.3x62
    • Oldes, most proven
    • African favorite
    • Plentiful factory ammo available internationally
    • Bullets dangerous-game capable
    • Lots of various rifles available

Closing thoughts...


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