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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 31, 2020


NEW "BACKCOUNTRY APPRENTICE" SEGMENT! Listen for this 2-minute skills and how-to section presented by the host's favorite hunting partner (age 9). 

• Interview with Spartan Precision's founder Rob Gearing

• Spartan 5-oz. bipods and why they work so well

• Mountaineering tripods, trekking poles, and ultralight tents

• Construction: Machined aluminum & carbon fiber

• Made in the U.K. 

• Bow stabilizers and backcountry tool kits

• Longbows & the tremendous ability of Great Britain's yeomen

• Why we hunt the backcountry


Spartan Precision Equipment

Javelin Lite bipod

Javelin Pro Hunt bipod

Sentinel Tripod system

Davros Tripod Head

Spartan bipod/tripod rifle mount adaptors

Spartan Carbonlite $650 tent

Spartan Green Genie $350 tent