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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

May 27, 2020


• Migration to Idaho

• Draw tags and lucky hunters

• Q&A on a vast spectrum of backcountry hunting topics:

  1. .375 H&H for black bears
  2. Terminal Ascent vs. ELD-X bullets
  3. Best barrel mfgs for custom rifle builds
  4. Configurable stocks for backcountry rifles
  5. Stetson's crushable Crosstrail hat
  6. Bullet questions from Australia
  7. Kid rifles
  8. Straight-line bullet penetration
  9. Packing a pistol while bowhunting
  10. What barrel length & twist rate for .280 Ackley? 
  11. Wool apparel: what company makes good stuff? 
  12. Moose bullets for the .338 Win. Mag.