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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jul 12, 2019


• Backcountry in Africa

• On the menu: Cape buffalo, hippo, and plains game--particularly big kudu bulls

• Prep and packing

• Shooting practice for success in Africa's bush country

• Buffalo charge stopped at 4 yards

• Big kudu bulls

• Stalking a monster hippo through other aggressive hippos, past Cape buffalo, and amongst crocodiles

• New and veteran hunters: What we'd do different next time

• Staying flexible and rolling with logistical challenges

• Advice from a PH: How to avoid most common mistakes made by American hunters

• Filming your hunt: How to plan for great results


Kowas Hunting Safaris

Reinhardt Bronner Productions (pro cameraman & film producer)

Federal Ammunition

Turnbull Restoration

Kimber Firearms

Browning Firearms

Winchester Firearms

Facebook: Kowas Hunting Safaris

Instagram: Kowas Hunting Safaris

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