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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Sep 18, 2020


When elk get wise, savvy hunters employ unorthodox techniques. 

Guest Randsom Owens: Wildlife Artist extraordinaire, practical rifleman, top guide, & passionate hunter

Calling Elk: From fundamentals to advanced techniques

  • Reading the situation
  • Knowing when to call
  • Setting up to call—and optimize shot opportunities
  • Knowing how much to call
  • Elk vocalizations & call types
  • Other sounds better than elk talk
  • Triggering the "come" response by leaving
  • Raking, stomping, scraping, huffing, and shaking trees
  • Age class bulls & the calls they respond to
  • Adolescent vs. old-bull bugles
  • Tales of the hunt: Randsom's most momorable
  • Broadhead for old bulls
  • Randsom's favorite cartridge for elk

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