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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Aug 13, 2021



Recorded in the field


Real-time updates and candid conversations throughout the hunt


Disappointment, challenges, renewed focus, and success on a great buck that will make the Longhunter Society record book! 


Analysis of what worked (and initially didn't)


Lessons learned and rewards earned



Aug 6, 2021



Intro: Opportunities in wide-open backcountry are often hard-earned. Set your rifle up to maximize your success. 


Q&A Section


Characteristics of an ultimate open-country hunting rifle: 

  • Must be accurate
  • Must be easy for the hunter to shoot well
  • Must be chambered for an authoritative cartridge
  • Must be...

Jul 31, 2021



Intro: If you appreciate the classics, shouldn't you consider a single-shot rifle? 


Up-front Q&A:

  • Cartridges for a mixed-game hunt in Canada
  • Pants (and gall medication) for aoudad hunting


Topic: Single-Shot Rifles for Backcountry Hunting

  • Pros & Cons
  • Skills and Limitations
  • Best models to...

Jul 23, 2021



Intro: Pack animals can make or break a backcountry hunt


Guest: Tyce Ericson, owner of Utah Bird Dog Training and long-time backcountry hunter and Llama packer. 


Advantages of Llamas: 

  • Calm, don't spook easily like horses and mules
  • Stronger than pack goats
  • Easy for beginners to handle and pack
  • Sure...

Jul 16, 2021



Hunting scenario: What barrel length will you pick? 


Short barrels in the Backcountry: How much performance do you give up? 


Pros and Cons of hunting the Backcountry with a suppressor. 


Best deer and elk cartridges for use in short barrels with suppressors. 


Calculating velocity expansion...