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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Dec 15, 2020


Intro scenario: What not to do during a bear charge. 

Topics: How-to episode on: 

  • How best to carry a bear-protection sidearm in the backcountry.
  • How to DIY customize your hunting rifle to make it shoot like a custom rifle.

Bear-gun carry methods: 

  1. Packs and interference
  2. Holsters and positions
  3. Bino harnesses and chest holsters
  4. Badlands Bino Carrier
  5. Galco Gunleather's Phoenix holster

DIY Customizing your backcountry hunting rifle

  1. Concept: Turning your standard hunting gun into a superb backcountry rifle. 
  2. Actions: start with what you already own, or purchase a new action? 
  3. Barrels: Pre-fit, pre-chambered options you can install yourself. 
  4. Triggers: Match-grade aftermarket options
  5. Stocks: How to select the right stock, and bed it properly.
  6. Final setup: scope bases, rings, and capable scopes. 
  7. Launching your own DIY rifle customizing project.


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