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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jul 28, 2023

Dog trainer and breeder extraordinair and passionate backcountry hunter Tyce Erickson joins us to discuss dog breeds that excel in the backcountry. We talk through the advantages of companionship, protection, blood trailing, shed antler hunting, packing, and more... Tyce defines the various charateristics of several breeds, including retrievers and pointers, and offers guidance on how to pick one that best fits your needs, personality, and capabilities. Plus, Tyce liberally sprinkles the conversation with training tips. 

We also get to hear the stories of Tyce's big spot-and-stalk, DIY, public-land spring bear, and the big public-land DIY mule deer buck that he arrowed after a long and painstaking stalk last fall. Tyce is a top-notch shooter and fellow gearhead, and walks us through the rifle, cartridge and bullet used on the bear, and his new state-of-the-art bow, arrow, and broadhead setup he shot the buck with. Spoiler alert: He doesn't like new-fangled bow sights. 

This was a terrific conversation... ENJOY! 



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