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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Oct 18, 2019


Why reload:

  • Pick your bullet
  • Tune your accuracy
  • Create premium ammo for budget-ammo cost

Getting started: 

  • Instruction sections in reloading manuals
  • ABC's of assembling a cartridge
  • The Three "B's" of accuracy
  • Choosing cartridge cases
  • Prepping cases for accuracy
  • Choosing a gunpowder
  • Working up a propellant charge
  • Choosing a projectile (toughness, aerodynamics, accuracy)
  • Tuning seating depth for accuracy

Reasonable accuracy expectations

  • Rifle quality
  • Shooter skill
  • Handload quality

Testing handloads for reliable chambering prior to hunting

Wrap: A question for listeners... check it out, and let me know!

Lapua cartridge cases

Nosler brass

Federal Gold Medal Match primers

Alliant gunpowders

Hodgdon gunpowders