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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Dec 6, 2019


• New podcast email:

• Toby Boudreau: Biologist extraordinary of Alaska & Idaho

• Opportunities in the great state of Idaho

Mule deer: 

  1. Population health
  2. Where to find the biggest bucks
  3. Tag types and available opportunities
  4. Idaho's marvelous OTC permit


  1. Best OTC elk opportunity in Idaho
  2. Populations and trophy potential
  3. OTC Tag availability
  4. Season types and multiple-opportunity tags

• Once in a Lifetime hunts (bighorns, moose, Mtn. goats)

  1. How and when to apply
  2. Cost of license and applying
  3. Where to find draw odds


  1. Current population impacts
  2. How to buy multiple cheap non-resident wolf tags
  3. Ongoing management research studies

Human population growth

  1. Fastest-growing Western state
  2. Future affect and opportunities

• Bonus material: Mr. Boudreau's top backcountry hunting cartridge


Idaho Fish & Game website

Idaho Hunt Planner