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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Dec 20, 2019


• Scenario: Running game vs. long shot? 

• Intro: Long-Range Hunting—an exploration of all the elements

• Listener questions & comments

Defining long-range hunting

The Ethical Argument against long-range hunting

A skill-based argument for long-range hunting

Potential issues with long-range hunting

  1. Potential for poor hits
  2. Insufficient projectile performance
  3. Difficulty recovering game
  4. Too many hunters don't practice

Potential advantages of long-range skill

  1. More precise shots at common distances
  2. Making the most of backcountry opportunities
  3. Experience success more frequently
  4. Harvest bigger animals, more often

ABC's of becoming a long-range hunter

JvB's personal creed: Be the best hunter possible so long shots are rarely necessary; be the best rifleman possible so as to ethically make long shots when required.