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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jul 19, 2019


• The backcountry is hard on optics

• All brands and types of optic can and occasionally will fail

• User-induced failures

• Properly mounting riflescopes for ultimate toughness

• How scopes get knocked off, and how to re-zero them

• Protecting lenses against grit, grime, water, and ice

• Sideways impacts to scopes, and related weaknesses

• When you fall on your scope

• Something you need in the backcountry: Enough ammo to re-zero a scope

• Iron sights can save a hunt

• Fogged lenses, and how to avoid them

• Snow clogs and snap shots

• Scope covers, and how to pick one

• When binoculars go south

• Cleaning lenses without causing damage

• BONUS MATERIAL: Ammunition corrosion and reliability issues