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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Feb 3, 2023

This episode dives into the often-daunting task of preparing to hunt Out West. For folks coming from low-elevation flatland, here's a guide on the whole shootin' match: 

  • Mental prep
  • Physical prep
  • Handling high altitudes
  • Differences from hunting whitetails
  • How to handle hunter pressure
  • How to find and hunt wary, pressured game
  • How to hunt overwhelmingly big country
  • How to stay safe in dangerous terrain
  • Are bears, mountain lions, and wolves a concern? 
  • Crossing rivers and climbing mountains
  • The importance of staying hydrated
  • Staying focused when against challenging odds
  • Packing meat
  • Gear selection: Camping gear, hunting gear, and killing gear
  • How to become a minimalist (mountain hunter)
  • Binocular, rangefinder, and spotting scope selection
  • Crucial characteristics of a western hunting rifle
  • Selecting ammo
  • Choosing and buying a backpack
  • How to dress for (backcountry hunting) success
  • Species to start with, and states to hunt
  • Maximizing e-scouting
  • Western DIY hunting is a campaign, not a battle

This was a fun one... ENJOY! 



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