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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Nov 22, 2019


• Lex Webernick, America's master mountain-rifle builder

• Listener's questions and comments

• Customizing Remington 700 & Winchester M70 actions

• Sculpture-quality skeletonizing for ultralight action weight

• Premium barrels

• Recoil-taming, quiet(ish) muzzle brakes

• Building a 13-ounce composite stock

• Ultralight, ultra strong scope rings

• Commissioning a custom from Rifle's Inc. 

• Accuracy of the author's .270 Win. and .375 H&H

• Upcoming mountain-rifle reviews: 

  1. A sub-$400, mountain-weight .280 Ackley
  2. America's top precision mountain rifle
  3. Weatherby's innovative new Backcountry Ti


Rifle's Inc