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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Feb 10, 2023

Ever hunted in negative 25 degree (C) temps, on 11-foot cross-country skis? Rob Gearing, founder of Spartan Precision Equipment has, and in this episode he shares his most recent adventures. Frostbitten fingertips were the least of the damage; Rob actually experienced frostbite in his shooting eye. Several times he had to personally re-insert a troublesome hernia that popped out while straining to recover and get back upright after a crash in deep, deep powder snow. Yes, Rob's an animal and thrives on type-2 fun. 

In this episode, Rob shares survival tips, cold-weather hunting methods, advice for staying mentally focused and having fun even against astronomical odds, and more. 

Before closing, we discuss Spartan's new partnership with Primos, and Spartan's new line of precision-shooting products ideal for NRL Hunter competition and front-country hunting, which live under the new Spartan Defense branch of the company. 

One other cool thing about this episode: I'm tremendously excited to introduce—in partnership with John Zombro, aka "The Lifetime Athlete" —a brand-new segment titled Backcountry Fitness & Nutrition. Check it out. 




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