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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Feb 26, 2021


So you want a suppressor? Here's the most pain-free method to get one. 

Guest: Silencer Central's CEO and owner Brandon Maddox. 

One-stop shopping: In addition to manufacturing one of the best backcountry hunting suppressors available (the all-titanium 10-ounce, 7 inch Banish 30), Silencer Central takes care of all paperwork, fingerprints and photographs, and transfer processes remotely. Your new suppressor is even delivered directly to your door. 

HOME SWEET HOME DELIVERY, Silencer Central's catchy tagline. 

The company even provides a free trust when you purchase through them. 

In addition to digging deep into the purchasing process, we talk about hunting-specific silencers, the advantages of hunting with a silencer, getting the muzzle of your favorite hunting rifle threaded, point of impact shift, the benefits of direct-thread versus QD attachments, and more.