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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Dec 16, 2022

This episode we're joined by Gunwerks founder and owner Aaron Davidson, one of the world's most knowledgeable experts in the realm of long-range precision hunting.

Primary topic is the use of target-type bullets such as Berger's VLD's and Hornady's ELD Match for hunting big game. Aaron defines when such bullets are ideal, the various types most suitable, and characteristics unique to each type. 

Terminal performance behavior is a primary focus, and Aaron leads listeners through what to expect from various types of target bullets, and how to translate that into making the right choice for your needs. 

We discuss shot placement, velocity windows that provide useful terminal performance, and how target-type bullets rupture or mushroom and kill. 

For hunters limited to "non-toxic" bullets, Aaron covers the upsides and downsides of monometal bullets, particularly in terms of accuracy, wind drift, terminal affect, and influence on maximum shot distances. 

Finally, Aaron wraps up with a backstage look at what's shaking at Gunwerks: an update on the Nexus rifle, new rangefinding binos and scopes coming in the Revic Optics line, and more. 

This is a good one... ENJOY! 



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