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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 17, 2020


• Squeezing the trigger: the final act in pursuing an animal

• The critical importance of having a good trigger in a backcountry hunting rifle

• Introducing Chris Ellis, owner of Ellis Communications, who reps Timney Triggers

• Pronghorns in the fog: hunting tales and great triggers

• Defining trigger performance: 

  • Crisp (like an icicle breaking)
  • Creep-free 
  • Light
  • Consistant 
  • Overtravel (what's that?)

• Replacing factory production triggers:

  • Fairly easy to do
  • Cost spectrum?
  • Timney's classic, legendary model
  • Timney's cutting-edge flagship model

• Tuning a Timney to perfection

• Timney's outstanding lifetime warrantee and customer service

• Heavy triggers and lost opportunities at elk

• Listen to the end for exiting news—and a discount code to get 15 percent off any one Timney trigger! 


Timney Triggers