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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jun 28, 2020


Intro: It's rifle buying time! 

Tons of questions incoming about high-end rifles. Here's one of the best of the best. This episode reviews Proof Research's extraordinary Glacier Ti mountain rifle. 

What makes a mountain rifle different from an all-around backcountry rifle. 

• Proof Research barrels: Why they stand apart

• Proof Research stocks: Traditional styling, modern performance

• Glacier Ti actions & finishes

• Components & construction 

• Proof's half-MOA accuracy guarantee

• Practical accuracy testing: The challenging protocol of firing three consecutive three-shot groups without allowing the barrel to cool, in order to test group size consistency and point of impact shift. 

• Cost, and why it's justifiable

• Spring is over, summer's here. Time to get out and practice! 


Proof Research Glacier Ti