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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Feb 28, 2020


Garett Wales: Entrepreneur, Beer-brewer, Organic fast-food guru, and passionate backcountry hunter. 

  • Nosler man
  • Kryptek pro staffer
  • Life & Time restaraunteur
  • Wild Game chef

Roots of the clean-living, clean-eating passion

Motivation and fueling obsessions

Desert bighorn sheep hunting

Creating organic, free-range, chemical-free fast food

NEW SEGMENT: Making The Shot

Garrett's hunting addition, and where it started

Culinary tips: 

  • Favorite season salts & steak rubs
  • Prepping and seasoning cast iron
  • Wild game cooking vs. beef
  • Favorite backcountry foods and fuels

Top game animal and favorite hunting experiences

Can't-hunt-without gear items

Kids—the most exciting hunting partners of all


Reload season salt

Gunpowder steak rub

Camp Chef

Lodge cast iron