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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Aug 16, 2019


• Prep, planning, and gear

• Tyce Erickson: master dog trainer and high-country big-game hunting genius

• Hot off the BBQ: Shiras moose, elk, musk ox, black bear, deer, and more

• September bulls: Tactics for finding, calling, and stalking rutting elk

• Holding it together under pressure: Stories of...

Jul 19, 2019


• The backcountry is hard on optics

• All brands and types of optic can and occasionally will fail

• User-induced failures

• Properly mounting riflescopes for ultimate toughness

• How scopes get knocked off, and how to re-zero them

• Protecting lenses against grit, grime, water, and ice


Jul 12, 2019


• Backcountry in Africa

• On the menu: Cape buffalo, hippo, and plains game--particularly big kudu bulls

• Prep and packing

• Shooting practice for success in Africa's bush country

• Buffalo charge stopped at 4 yards

• Big kudu bulls

• Stalking a monster hippo through other aggressive hippos,...

Jul 5, 2019


• Your rifle or bow is the one tool you can't be successful without--so prep it properly for backcountry work, and know how to perform emergency fixes.

• Barrel break-in 

• Action tuning

• Stabilizing sighting systems and accuracy 

• Gun oil in your barrel: Best friend and worst enemy

• Non-oil...

Jun 29, 2019


• Mule deer addiction & the wonderful wives that deal with it

• What makes mule deer different? 

• Critical hunting methods & tools

• Field scoring: The flash glance

• Field scoring: when time is on your side

• Realistic public-land, DIY expectations

• Colton's favorite mule deer cartridge