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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

May 13, 2019


• Wild Yukon with Greg McHale: Canada's new award-winning hunting TV show. 

• Building the team: How the unique three members of Wild Yukon came together and began producing arguably the most compelling footage currently on hunting TV. 

• Yukon Territory: Hunting opportunities and game species

• Sheep hunting: the point of the sword

• Greg McHale: adventure racing and the fitness lifestyle

• Tech gear: Packs, clothing, packable rafts, and rifles

• Heaviest pack ever carried

• McHale's recipe for success

• Bush planes--and the difference they can make

• Bear protection where sidearms are illegal

• White clothing for stalking dall sheep

• Overcoming the human tendency to quit

• YouTube channel: Greg McHale's Wild Yukon

• Instagram account: @gregmchaleswildyukon

• Facebook page:

RESOURCES: (Aire Tomcat kayaks) (lightweight packable inflatable rafts)