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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

Backcountry Q&A

This fun episode responds to a dozen fascinating questions from listeners, including: • Bear deterrent • 6.8 Western vs. .280 Ackley vs. .30-06 cartridge comparison • Rifling twist rates • Traditional bows & muzzleloaders • Wild Bison success • Precision scopes for .22s • Upcoming live...

Jan 21, 2022


Main topic: New and intriguing gear and trends. 

SHOT Show 2022 had an interesting vibe and dynamic. Joseph and Colton discuss subtle trends in rifles, optics, ammo, and other gear, as well as manufacturing challenges and processes. Most interesting new products include GA Precision's new...

Jan 14, 2022


Main topic: Planning and building the ultimate all-purpose rifle for hunting Alaska

WINNER Announced: 150th episode custom knife winner revealed


  • Starter .22s for left-handed kids
  • Aoudad hunting (heat, humidity, and big rams)
  • Utah's bonus point-creep dilemma
  • Best .270 bullets for elk

Ultimate Alaska...

Jan 7, 2022


Intro: If you want the ultimate backcountry DIY challenge, hunt moose in Alaska. 

Up Front Q&A section: 

  • To Buy or Not To Buy: high-tech clothing and pack vs. a new backcountry hunting rifle

Patreon update. Things to come, including live Zoom Q&A sessions for Patreon members, as well as a...