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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Aug 16, 2019


• Prep, planning, and gear

• Tyce Erickson: master dog trainer and high-country big-game hunting genius

• Hot off the BBQ: Shiras moose, elk, musk ox, black bear, deer, and more

• September bulls: Tactics for finding, calling, and stalking rutting elk

• Holding it together under pressure: Stories of jubilance and heartbreak on monster bulls

• Alpine mule deer: Locating, patterning, stalking, and arrowing big early-season bucks

• After the shot: What to expect in the high country

• Erickson's favorite broadhead

• BONUS MATERIAL: Best dog breed for everything from packing and hunting big game to upland and waterfowl hunting


Utah Bird Dog Training

Utah Pointing Labs

Field Bred Golden Retrievers

Follow Tyce on Instagram: @lichenoutdoors, @utahbirddogtraining