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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Oct 11, 2019


  • Host introduction: Evan Siembida of Siembida Custom Knives 
  • Hunting knife design evolution and performance characteristics 
  • Handle materials and practical advantages 
  • How size, blade shape, and edge geometry affects use 
  • Bushcraft and fire starting 
  • “Spa Treatment” knife restoration service 
  • Micarta handle material: linen, canvas, paper, and boutique burlap 
  • Sharpen-ability and edge-holding characteristics of stainless steel vs. non-stainless 
  • Specific types of steel optimum for knives 
  • Carbides and the microscopic edge 
  • Different degrees of “stainlessness,” i.e. rust resistance 


  • Sharpening correctly—and using a Strop 
  • Recommended sharpening stones 
  • The drawbacks of “V” type pull-through sharpeners 
  • Choosing and using the right blade for backcountry hunting



Siembida Custom Knives Instagram

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• EZE-LAP pocket diamond stone

• EZE-LAP diamond shop stone

• Leather strops for sale