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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Jun 8, 2019


• Introduction: Pros and cons of hunting with match bullets

• Listener's questions: Tok Air Service, DIY drop-camp moose hunt costs, .257 WBY cartridge for deer, vintage controlled-feed rifles for backcountry work, hunting as PTSD therapy, downsides of carbon fiber barrels, and more. 

• History of hunting with match bullets

• Data on Sierra MatchKings and humane killing ability

• Berger's VLD: King of match-grade hunting bullets. Upset process, fragmentation and overpenetration potential, handloading tips and tricks, personal experience, Classic Hunter and Elite Hunter bullets, and a few horror stories.

• Hornady's ELD Match: Trendy but not company-advised. Good for hunting or not?


Berger hunting bullets

Hornady ELD Match bullets

Sierra bullets

Barnes bullets

Nosler bullets

Federal EDGE TLR bullets