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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Aug 14, 2020


Scenario: You've got a desert bighorn tag that's taken you 20 years to draw, but your knee replacement just went south. It's three months until opening day. What do you do? 

Episode topic: Learning to hunt brand-new country and species

  • Prioritize species
  • Study that species
    • Where can you get a tag each year?  
    • Species taxonomy 
    • Habits & habitat
    • Preferred forage
    • Bedding & cover
    • Migration routes, if applicable
    • Rut periods
    • Are they callable? 
  • Call biologists and isolate areas where populations exist
  • Study maps
    • E-scouting
    • Topographical maps
  • Final prep: 
    • Boots on the ground
    • Glassing skill
    • Patience
  • Hunting for success
    • The critical necessity of patience