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Backcountry Hunting Podcast

Nov 9, 2019


Wild game meat should be incredibly good—not dry, gamey, and tough to eat. 

  • Field care for clean-tasting meat
  • "Ice Aging" meat for tenderness and mild flavor
  • Pre-cooking prep for roasts and steaks
  • Grilling techniques for the perfect steak or roast

Professional meat processors: A good way to get your wild game meat ruined

Even old, rut-worn bulls are tender and great-tasting if aged properly, prepped correctly, and grilled skillfully. 

Searing in Olive oil: a magic recipe for juicy, tender meat

Steak seasoning

Steps to aging perfectly

Proper pre-grilling prep

Grilling and resting

Cardinal Sin: Overcooking wild game meat

A challenge for listeners